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Rave Reviews

John has won the Best Wedding Photographer in Boston area with Thumbtack two years in a row. Thumbtack is an online directory of professionals with a bidding system. The award is given to the wedding photographer who has received the highest overall rating by their clients.



John was by far the best photographer ever! He was so happy and made all my guests feel so comfortable. He definitely made my wedding so special. I cant wait to see my pictures! I would reccomend John to absolutely everyone!! We loved him so much! Thank you John!!

Courtney K. Link to Photos: New England Aquarium


John was absolutely incredible. He captured so many fun and loving moments that I can't wait to look back at these fifty years from now and remember what a wonderful day it was. I absolutely love John and so did my entire family. Such an amazing night! Wish we could do it all again.

Kailee B. Link to Photos: Engagement Portrait & Wedding


The Most unobtrusive photographer! John Munson runs his own shop. He does all of his own photos. He took over 1000 photos on one camera alone. I had nothing to worry about. He was able to get pictures I never would have thought of! I am so excited to see the pictures!

Lisa LeTourneau  Link to Photos: Engagement Portrait & Wedding


"John was absolutely incredible! Our wedding was perfect. He showed up at the house on time to take photos of me finishing getting ready, then made his way to the church to get photos of the groom and groomsmen before we arrived. Even though it was freezing (our flowers couldn't be outside for more than 2 minutes or else they would've wilted), John was willing to stay outside to take my anticipated outdoor photos at the pond near our house. John even got us to go on the pond to take the photos. He noticed my nose and arms getting a bit red, so he had me go back in our bus to get warmed up before going to take more photos. He was never hard to find and was always willing to get a photo we asked for. He was fantastic in handling our complicated family situation and he helped make the day run super smoothly and we were definitely grateful!"

Caitlyn   Link to Photos: Engagement Portrait & Wedding

We've hired John for two jobs so far-- our family portraits done in November, and recently to photograph our town hall wedding in Marblehead. We have also just hired him to come photograph our brunch by the sea in Manchester this August. 

We hired John to come to Abbot Hall in Marblehead, where we were being married by the Justice of the Peace.  What a blast!  John had arrived early, to scout out the best locations and sunlight -- and had even convinced the Selectmen to allow us to move the meeting table so that we could have our ceremony done right in front of the Spirit of 76 painting.  John has such wonderful energy- happy, energetic, creative. He couldn't have been more wonderful.  He is incredibly talented at what he does.  We have also hired him for our family portraits.....which included 2 dogs and our 7 month old son, plus multiple locations-- both indoor and out.  He was accommodating, upbeat, original, enthusiastic and put us all at ease.  In addition, everyone felt they looked great in the shots....he captured each of us at our best...all at the same time!  No easy feat.  He had the right equipment for every type of lighting situation, and regularly got into really contorted positions to ensure he had the perfect angle for the photos.  Everyone has raved about our pictures. We'll be using John for years to come. Words of advice to those considering using John: Don't wait-- hire John before the 'secret' gets out about how awesome he is!

Amy & Alf  Link to Photos: and


Hi John, I just want to say how impressed and thrilled we are by your photos. You managed to catch every moment so beautifully. The spirit of the night and of our guests is palpable in all the photos. I am so impressed by your talent and creativity and pure awesomeness. I cannot thank you enough. I've been hearing this from everyone, both people who went and those who didn't. They have been so responsive to all these photos on Facebook, saying they felt they were there, etc. etc.. You are a true artist John! Thanks a million for everything!!!
Vasia & Armando Link to Photos: Monhegan Island, Maine


My husband and I hired John Munson to photograph our wedding back in June 2012. He is the nicest, most professional photographer I've ever worked with. He is not afraid to have fun with everyone, and he captured EVERY moment of our wedding, from the girls and guys getting ready to my husband's pants splitting at the end of the reception! He was there for every funny moment, every serious moment, and every moment in between! I am someone who generally does not like how I look in pictures and, out of the 600+ pictures he took at our wedding, I only had about 10 that I didn't like. If you want a phenomenal, professional, and fun photographer please please PLEASE consider hiring John! He's incredible!!

Karyn and Jeffrey, Link to Karyn and Jeffrey's 599 Wedding Photos at the Sturbridge Village


John was great!  We got married at Willowdale Estates in Topsfield and I asked him to go there and look around for great spots for us to take photos in since I didn't want to be walking around the grounds finding great places for our shots.  He went there before our wedding, took several pictures and then proposed a few different (close by) places for us to take our pictures.  He understood that I did not want to be taking pictures for a long period of time because I wanted to spend as much time with my guests as possible.   Unfortunately, it poured the whole day and the grounds were soaked so we were not able to walk in the grass.  He was able to take great photos for us nonetheless inside and outside of the estate.  I had a flower girl in my party and he was very patient with her (she was 2 and a half at the time) and was able to get her into a lot of different pictures with us and smiling.

I believe he captured our day from start to finish which is exactly what I wanted because pictures last a lifetime and also tell a story.  Our story is told in our photo album.  He was very easy to work with.  He responded to me very quickly and no question or concern was too small for me to ask him.  He was always available to either email, phone or have me stop in the studio, which was a peace of mind at times.  I was really pleased with his overall contribution to our day.

John has our photo album in his studio.  If you have not been to see him, I suggest you take a look at our photo album.  It came out gorgeous and was exactly what I had envisioned.  I didn't want the normal or traditional photo album and I gave John a description of what I wanted for the texture of the pages, etc. and he was able to deliver exactly what I explained to him.  I look through it often and showed many friends and family and they also agree with me, the book is amazing!

Take care,
Chrissy and Andrew Link to Chrissy and Andrew's 436 Wedding Photos at Willdowdale Estate


Rave review of wedding photography

John, I remain speechless! The pictures that you took are stunning. You captured the event so perfectly - from the people shots, to the food, and  the setting. They all came together so beautifully to tell the story of a really fun evening. You are INCREDIBLY TALENTED. I received so many comments on how fun you were and what a wonderful personality you had for getting people together and "working" the room. Thank you! You are my favorite photographer. LOV, LOVE, LOVE your work. 


All I can say is... John is amazing! He made the photo-shy come out of their shell! He had the 2yr old twins that were terribly overtired looking at the camera and smiling! He photographed more family in the shortest period of time in such a smooth and timely manner! His ideas for shots were soooo creative! He listened openly to me and my husbands shot ideas! He even risked his own life of getting a golf shot of the guys in their tuxes shooting off a green at him! I thought we might have gotten John killed, but he was all for the risk of a fabulous shot! My family nicknamed him the "Paparazzi Photographer" because everywhere we looked he was grabbing a photo! People tend to think they need two photographers for a wedding...You are wrong! With John... you pay for one and you get ten!!!! He really made my day so special!!!!

Lisamarie and CJ     Link to Photos:

John Munson was requested at very short notice for my wedding due to my mothers battle with cancer he was understanding and professional from the start. He brought smiles laughter light spirits and took amazing photos we had a great unforgettable experience and look forward to having more done by him in our future.
Jessica B.         Link to Photos:
John Munson did the photography at our daughter's wedding last weekend. We were very pleased with John's promptness and professionalism. He was there to get all the wonderful poses and candids but he wasn't in the way. We are looking forward to seeing the pictures and reliving the wedding! John is an excellent photographer and I would be glad to give a reference to anyone interested in hiring him.
Annemarie L.       Link to Photos:
John made our wedding very memorable! He was an excellent photographer. We would definitely use him again. The pictures he took of the wedding and the scenery are beautiful. John was very professional.
Sandy N.        Link to Photos:
We heard of John through a friend and decided to hiring him to do our wedding. John met with us in advance and took all of our suggestions to heart. Not only did he take all the standard family portraits we wanted (and there were a lot!), he made sure to include the entire list of creative pictures I had found online. Josh was professional throughout the wedding and was zipping all over our venue to make sure he was always getting the perfect shot. Our pictures were stunning and my husband and I couldn't be happier with the quality of his work.
Heather W.      Link to Photos:

John was awesome! We felt as though we knew him forever. All of our guests were loving him. Our pictures could not be more perfect! Some of the shots that John got made every person that saw them either laugh out loud, cry, deep sigh, or gasp. Denise and I HIGHLY recommend Beacon Photography!! Thank you again John for making our day forever beautiful!!

Denise C.    Link to Photos:


John did my engagement pictures in November 2012. I loved how my Engagement pictures came out. I cant tell you how many people complimented on them. Also John was great to work with he has a great personality and makes you feel comfortable. He will be doing my wedding this June and I can not wait to work with him again.

Name: Tonimae F.   Link to Photos:


John Munson really captured the beauty and simplicity of our wedding day. He caught the best moments and smiles of my husband and I and our guests. It was a small gathering on a small beach but his photography gave us memories to have for life. Plus he has reasonable pricing!

Name: Jess S.  Link to Photos:



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All of these types of photos combined amounts to telling the complete story of your wedding. Beacon Photography artistically captures the essence of your wedding; a timeless treasure to be enjoyed for years.

What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer 


Professionalism is critical when hiring a wedding photographer. You need to be able to count on the photographer to show up at the right place at the right time. But more than that, a professional photographer will promptly respond to any questions you may have, dress appropriately, have backup equipment in case something fails, have a backup photographer in case of an emergency and has a real wedding agreement that guarantees a certain level of results. A true pro is well organized with a shot list, a wedding timeline and detailed notes to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly. Some wedding photographers will go the extra mile and visit the venue(s) in advance to meet with the wedding coordinators, test lighting conditions and scope out great spots. Beacon Photography does all of the above. When visiting the venue is not practical, the photographer will speak to the coordinators to review their rules or preferences. 


No matter how good a photographer is, the last thing you want on your wedding day is a rude photographer that might upset you or any of your guests. What you really want is someone who you work well with and makes everyone around them feel at ease. Ideally a wedding photographer is unobtrusive, and rarely noticed in a way that doesn't interfere with the natural flow of your day. But even then, the photographer inevitably plays a big role during key moments of your wedding, especially during formal portraits. At times the photographer must be both assertive and polite. At best, your photographer is a pleasure to be around, makes people smile and adds to the overall experience. John Munson and the entire Beacon photography staff are known for their wonderful personalities. See the rave reviews to learn more. 

Quality & Style

A great photographer sees light, both the direction and quality. They also see beauty, both physical and intangible. They are aware and empathetic to their surroundings, and will time their shots to get that heartfelt facial expression. They avoid cluttered backgrounds or random shots without a purpose. They compose photos to tell a story, as opposed to taking ordinary snap shots. They know their cameras, lenses and settings which result in hundreds of sharp focused images. Ultimately they use their creativity and technical skills to communicate the genuine essence and feeling of your wedding. If you are not sure if a photographer is good, just review their photos and if you're not emotionally moved, they're not that good. After years of experience some photographers establish a unique style of their own using a combination of powerful lenses and signature photos. 


Meet the Beacon Photography Team

Marianne Salza, Beacon PhotographerMarianne SalzaMarianne Salza, Beacon Photographer   John Munson, Owner & Pimary PhotographerJohn MunsonJohn Munson, Owner & Pimary Photographer   Kira Doucette, Beacon PhotographerKira DoucetteKira Doucette, Beacon Photographer

       -   Marianne Salza, Beacon Photographer  -                  -   John Munson, Owner & Photographer  -                  -  Kira Doucette, Beacon Photographer - 

  • John Munson, Owner & Photographer
  • Marianne Salza, Beacon Photographer
  • Kira Doucette, Beacon Photographer
  • Evi Zaimi, Beacon Photographer
  • Kris McNelly, Photo Editor, Printer & Album Designer
  • Kaari Sullivan, Photo Editor, Printer & Album Designer
  • Jessica Santacroce, Album Designer
  • Iam Smusz, Picture Framing Manager
  • Robert Costello, Assistant Picture Framer
  • Michael Roy, Accountant


"It has been my pleasure and true honor to photograph weddings since 2007. Each couple and wedding experience is so unique and rich with nuance. It is my passion and duty to capture it as it unfolds. I'm basically a story teller through photos, and I work hard to photograph all the key events in a creative light, as well as the unplanned moments that reveal joy, love, and genuine emotion. Using two cameras and multiple lenses, I employ a variety of techniques and styles. I also try to make everyone around me feel comfortable, especially the bride and groom. Thanks to that comfort level, my techniques and work ethic, I am always able to get hundreds of great focused shots. I love to make people happy with my photos."
~ John Munson, Owner and Photographer

With every wedding, the client receives print rights to all the best photos, professionally edited and then given to client on a disc in high-resolution format. If interested in a second shooter, Beacon Photography has several to choose from, and are available at a lower rate. See packages and pricing below. 


Pricing and Packages

Note: Each price below includes John Munson as your Wedding Photographer unless specifically indicated,
a USB thumb drive with high-resolution photos professionally edited and unlimited print rights.

Note: Two hour minimum is required. 

  • Photography
    • John Munson | Wedding Photography Hourly Rate ... $350/hr
    • Beacon Photographer (Kira, Marianne or Evi) ... $200/hr
    • Engagement Shoot  (includes 1 hour & all edited image on Thumbdrive)... $350
  • Albums
    • Coffee Table Wedding Album (includes 8" x 11" thin hard cover album 40 pages) ... $450
    • Heirloom Leather Album (8" x 11" includes 40 thick pages ) ... $700
    • Jumbo Heirloom Leather Album (includes 40 thick pages ) ... $850
  • Framed Prints
    • Large Stretched Canvas (16" x 24" on saton or matt canvas).... $200
    • Large Framed Print (16" x 24" with single mat and frame of your choice) ... $200
    • Large Framed Collage (16" x 24" collage print with up to 20 photos) ... $200​​​​​​​

To secure Beacon Photography as your photographer, a deposit of 33% is required. Please contact John at [email protected] or (617) 329-9516 to discuss over the phone or meet in person. Please share your name, wedding date, venue and best phone number to reach you. 


Wedding Photography Process 

  1. Check Availability (by submitting form below or by email)

  2. Meet Photographer (in person or over phone)

  3. Choose Package and Products

  4. Make Deposit and Sign Wedding Agreement

  5. Schedule Engagement Portrait (optional)

  6. Engagement Portrait and Receive CD within two weeks (optional)

  7. Fill Out Shot List and Send Photo Requests (optional)

  8. Pay Remaining Balance (at least two weeks prior to wedding)

  9. Review Weding Timeline and Photo Requests (a week or two prior to wedding)

  10. Wedding Day

  11. Receive Expedited Photos (optional - see pricing)

  12. Receive Photos Online and by Mail on DVD within one month of wedding

  13. Select Photos for Prints or Album (optional)

  14. Review Album Design or Frame Choice (optional)

  15. Receive Album or Framed Prints within one Month of Approval

  16. Spread the Good Word via online reviews and referrals



Recommended Venues and Vendors

  • Videographer: Jamie Curci,, (401) 636-0485
  • Florist: Wedding flowers by Annette, 781-289-7870,
  • Hair & Makeup: Lisa Roche Makeup Artistry, [email protected], (781) 913-6736
  • Caterer: tastyplates catering, Winthrop, MA, (617) 207-1477,
  • DJ: Jay Foss, DJ & Audio Production Services, [email protected], (617)
Beacon Photography 
Phone: 617.848-8299 - Studio Address: 185 Winthrop Street, Winthrop, MA 02152 - Email: [email protected]