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To book a portrait session please call 617-848-8299 or email John at [email protected].

Please Note:
  • All studio portrait sessions take place at Beacon Photography’s studio located at 74 Jefferson St., Winthrop, MA 02152.

  • Cancellation Policy: Full refunds are available as long as you cancel 24 prior day to shoot. There is no refund for no shows.
Patty Singing HeadshotMaria Shea HeadshotDeta2021-07-01 Frank Costantino Artist Headshot2019-10-17 Sam Long Headshots2019-10-01 Fiona McPhail Headshots2018-05-23 Kaylin and Jocie Headshots2016-04-27 Bob and Jon Music Portrait2016-04-07_Shealagh_Portrait2015-11-11 Ted Tiger Acting Portrait2015-07-11 Giana Ribeiro2014-02-24 David Driscoll Headshot2014-02-04 Emily Kilroy Headshot2013-11-20 Molly and Lucy Headshots2013-03-21 Lindsay2012-03-12 Heather Buccini2012-02-18 Mask and Statuettes2011-11-29 Tom Parciak2011-07-26 Rachell Doonan2011-05 Stephen Page & Carl Clements2011-03-23 Doris Modeling Shoot2011-03-09 Jennifer Spicer2010-10-08 Mia Headshot2010-09-10 Sarah Palin Impersonator2010-09-10 Cecilia Thompson Favorites2010-08-14 Laural Gaudette2010-06-09 Megan Sliger Headshot2010-02-15 Brian Shimkin Headshot2009-08-24 Gregory Wilde Photo Shoot2009-08-12 Mary Jane Headshot2009-08-06 Carissa Headshot2009-08-01 Savannah Modeling Headshots2009-08-01 Mary Beth Dwyer Corporate Headshot2009-07-13 McGilvray Headshots2009-06-23 Brian McGrail2009-06-16 Petersen Portrait2009-06-06 Olivia2009-05-21 Stimpson Portrait2009-05-15 Bianca Portrait2009-03-11 Jessica Carr2008-22-12 Bill Champitto2008-10-19 Sean Rivers2008-10-17 Neil Tejwani2008-10-07 Jevin and Javanna Child Modeling Shoot2008-07-08 Anthony Defelice2008-03-03 Comedian Joey Carroll2008-03-02 Singer Ellen O'Brien