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School Portraits with a Personal Touch and Higher Quality 

Beacon Photography is a boutique photography company focused on providing high quality school portraits at reasonable prices for parents and schools all around the Boston-metro area. Unlike the larger competitors, each Beacon photographer is experienced and above all, loves to interact with kids. That interaction results in genuine smiles, time and time again.  Beacon Photography's school portraits raise the bar in quality, both in terms of photo quality and print quality. 
Beacon Photography is lead by owner and photographer John Munson, who has shot hundreds of thousands of school portraits across Eastern Massachusetts. Having worked in the wedding and portrait industry for over a decade, he brings that high level of quality to the school portrait industry. 
"I want to give people photos they can cherish for years." - John Munson, Owner and Photographer
Beacon Photography likes to develop long term relationships with preschools, elementary, middle and high schools, delivering excellence every year. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee to parents, Beacon Photography will be a welcome partner to any school. 

Age Ranges from Preschool to Seniors  

Beacon School PortraitsBeacon School Portraits

School Group Portraits - small to panoramic 

School Portraits by Beacon PhotographyExcel2011


Print Packages

Print packages can vary from school and can be customized to include unique options but here are some of our standard packages (designed to be reasonable). 

  • Package A: $25 includes (1) 5x7 print of individual and (4) 2x3 jumbo wallets
  • Package B: $30 includes (2) 4x6 print of indiv. and (5) 2x3 jumbo wallets 
  • Package C: $35 includes (2) 5x7 print of indiv. and (10) 2x3 jumbo wallets  
  • Package D: $40 includes (1) 8 x 10 print of indiv. and (10) 2x3 jumbo wallets
  • Package E: $40 includes (1) 8 x 10 print of indiv. and (2) 5x7 of individual
  • Package F: $55 includes (1) 8 x 10 print of indiv. + (2) 5x7 of individual and (10) 2x3 jumbo wallets
  • Package G: $65 includes (2) 8 x 10 print of indiv. + (2) 5x7 of individual and (20) 2x3 jumbo wallets

"All prints use high quality luster paper with rich archival ink designed to stand the test of time." - John Munson 

Additional Items (must be in addition to package above)

  • (1) 8x10 print of indiv. $15
  • (2) 5x7 prints of indiv. $15
  • (3) 4x6 prints of indiv. $15
  • (10) 2x3 jumbo wallets $15
  • (1) Mousepad $19
  • (2) 3x5 Magnet $15
  • Facebook Photo: Free 
  • High-Resolution Printable Image on CD: $20

Traditional School PortraitsTraditional_Backdrop

Traditional School Portraits

How to Order

Ask the school's front desk or teacher for a portrait order form. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

  • Order Forms: Beacon Photography highly recommend bringing completed form and payment in attached envelope to school before or on picture day. We will take photo of children without order form, but it is parent's responsibility to send order form and payment as soon as possible. 
  • Siblings: Parents with two or more children must submit a separate order per child and also for sibling photo. A 50% discount applies to third order.
  • Turn-Around Time: Print packages will be delivered to school within approximately three weeks of picture day. Prices include sales tax.
  • Additional Orders: For additional orders, please visit the password protected online gallery given on your order form. If you can not find the gallery,  you can search for it by entering the school name at the following search page:
  • Facebook Photos: As a courtesy, you can share your child's photo from the online gallery to Facebook for free.
  • Print Quality: Photos will be printed on high quality luster paper (not as shiny as glossy but not as dull as matt) with archival ink. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.
  • Reshoot: If necessary, a reshoot day will be scheduled with school.
  • Parents Attending: Parents are not recommended to be in the same room during photo session, unless it is an infant or toddler. The timing of when your child will be photographed will be determined by Beacon Photography and contact at the school. 
  • Promotional Use of Photos: Photos of children may be used by school for identification purposes, as well as promotional purposes by school or Beacon Photography. To exclude your child's photo from these purposes, please indicate so on order form. 

For questions or comments, please email Beacon Photography Customer Service at [email protected] and indicate your name, school name and child's name. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.  


Frequently Asked Questions by Schools


  • Date & Timing: The date of the school's picture day, along with the timing of class picture schedule is determined by the key contact at the school and Beacon Photography at least one month in advance of picture day. This allows time for Beacon Photography to print and deliver order forms along with the Picture Day poster. It also gives parents time to get the order forms back to the teachers.  Typically we can take pictures 20 kids in about 20 minutes.
  • Portrait Setup: Photographers typically setup a photo area in the gym, cafeteria or on stage (if indoors). If it's to be held outdoors, the photographer sets up in playground or by foliage on school grounds and then volunteers or teachers bring the classes out close to photo area, and then brings smaller groups of 4 to 5 kids at a time next to photographer.
  • Photo of Every Child: Your school can elect to have every child's photo taken, whether or not their parents have ordered photos. This can be helpful for identification purposes and also to prevent some kids from feeling left out. This comes at no extra cost, and also gives parents who were uncertain prior to picture day the ability to order photo after picture day.  
  • Staff Photos: Your school can elect to have teachers and other staff members get their photos taken as well. 
  • Group Photos on Same Day: Your school can elect to have group photos taken on the same day as individual photos or on a separate day. Typically smaller schools choose to do both on the same day. Some larger schools elect to have the group photos taken in the Spring and individuals in the Fall. Schools must inform Beacon Photography which group shots it would like, such as the entire school, or entire staff group photo, or entire grade group photo. 
  • Range of Age: Beacon Photography offers to take photos of children ranging from infant to high school students. Infant photos are usually taken while laying down, and toddlers are taken sitting up, with the help of a parent or teacher. 
  • Number of Photographers: Depending on the size of the school and the window of time needed to take all the photos, Beacon Photography will determine with school how many photographers are needed. Typically one photographer can handle up to 100+ students per day. 
  • Outdoors versus Indoors: Schools can elect to have school portraits done outside (weather permitting) or inside. If outdoor portraits are preferred, the assigned Beacon Photographer will select the best background on the school grounds based on lighting, color and position. Typically photos in front of nearby bushes or trees looks best. In the event of bad weather or if indoor photos are preferred, Beacon will provide an attractive backdrop.
  • Choice of Backdrops: If picture day is to be held indoors, schools can elect to use standard backdrops (see above) or more natural looking backdrops simulating an outdoor scene (see below). Beacon Photography develops these unique environmental backdrops on an ongoing basis to create an artistic but natural look.

Environmental School PortraitsNatural-Backdrop
Environmental Portraits

  • Pre-Order or Proof Shoot: Most schools use the pre-order method where parents fill out the order form in advance and then receive the selected prints of the best photo taken. This is what parents have come to expect and is also the simplest method for parents and Beacon Photography. But schools can elect to use the Proof Method, which means the parents have the choice of viewing the photos of their child prior to purchasing anything.  
  • Poster and Order Forms: The Picture Day poster is a 16 x 24 print reminding kids and parents of picture day. The poster is mounted onto foam core and can be hung on a wall or made to stand upright on a counter. The order forms are printed on letter size paper and are accompanied by envelope. 
  • Complimentary Prints and CD: Schools can elect to receive a CD of all the final images (in compatible format). Schools can also choose to receive contact sheets of all the kids with their names on it, all group photos, all staff photos, and a large poster of the group photo for the school lobby.
  • ID Cards: Beacon Photography will work with school to create ID cards, if applicable. 
  • Profit-Sharing: Schools who enter exclusive multi-year agreements with Beacon Photography, will receive a percentage of the gross revenue received.  The longer the agreement, the larger the percentage. Typical agreements are two or three years in nature and range from 10% to 25% of gross profit.  

To discuss having Beacon Photography take your school portraits, please call John Munson at 617-848-8299 or email him at [email protected]