Beacon Photography & Framing | 2008-09-22 Ballet Class

To order prints just click on "Add to Cart" whileviewingthe photo(s) you want, and then follow remaining steps. Or callBeaconPhotography at 617-848-8299 during work hours forassistance.Highquality prints can be expected within 3-5 days ofordering. All ordersare manually approved by Beacon Photography toensure proper cropping.If you have a coupon code, please use it during the shipping step. Any damaged prints will be resent at no additional cost.

To order a framed print, selecteddesiredphoto, click "Add to Cart" in the upper right corner ofscreen,selectsize, then select "Checkout". A new window entitled"Shopping Cart" willappear with your desired print featured below.Below the photo, youshould click on "Frames, mounting, etc." to selectthe frame and mat ofyour choice. Or just call our studio at 617-848-8299. We also offer wholesale discounts for large orders.

Photo Gifts arenowavailable too, including puzzles, mouse pads, mugs, etc. Toviewadditional photo gift options, find the photo you want to use,clickon"Add to Cart" and then click on the IYP Photo Products tab to view additional photo gift options.

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