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in MY mind
Artist Statement for Mike Andrew Yood

One can travel a long and twisted path through life as one experiences life through the fog of a mental illness.

My process involves capturing the images that that I live with in my mind. They are shot as staged or as candid photographs. Later, once I have an opportunity to live with the image for a time, the significance and the meaning of the image appears.

The black and white images reflect the reality of the process of acceptance. The color images reflect that which is imagined. Those images, which combine both black and white and color, reflect the simultaneous existence of the reality that co-exists along with that which is imagined.

My work is simple and attempts to eliminate any superfluous images that can distract from my main image.

“in MY mind” is the story of the process of self-acceptance of one’s mental illness. It is a personal story, yet it can be interpreted by many into their own worlds – those with mental illnesses as well as those without mental illness. This might be my story but this could be anybody’s story.

This is about being disconnected from what is believed to be reality but being aware of a lack of synchronicity. The frustration that comes from this perceived detachment derives from not knowing how to remedy the situation yet still being aware that it is one that requires a solution. It is the radical acceptance of those things that may not be changed and being able to recognize that reality is an internal paradigm that provides an answer rather then an external construct.

Note: The name of the show, “in MY mind,” was inspired by the song “In My Mind” written and performed by Amanda Palmer.