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2016-09-13 Jen and Frank Engagement Portrait2016-08-14 Bridgit Rich Engagement Portrait2015-05-18 Shannon and Eric Engagement2014-10-06 Heather and Eric Engagement2014-05-31 Caitlyn and Alex Engagement Portrait2014-02-23 Kailee and Ben Engagement2014-02-02 Corinne and Chris Engagement Photos2013-10-13 Danielle and Ryan Engagment2013-06-29 Allison and David Engagement Portrait2012-12-03 Bill & Elissa Snow Shoot2012-12-01 Donovan and Perry2012-11-15 Tomnimae and Jimmy Engagement Portrait2012-10-27 Katie and Tom Engagement Portrait2012-10-24 Kim and John Engagement2012-10-16 Jessica and Jeff Engagement Portrait2012-10-15 Lisa and Chris Engagement Shoot2012-08 David & Brittany2012-03-11 David and Debbie2011-07-11 Karyn and Jeffrey Engagement Shoot2010-12-04 Julia and Chris Engagement Photos2010-09-10 Debbie and Rafael Pregnancy Portraits2010-06-23 MacNeil Engagement2010-04-20 Chrissy and Andrew Save the Date2010-03-12 Josh and Laura Engagement