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2008-03-01 Lyons Dinner Party2007-11-11_Martha B-Day2008-04-13 Gia Christening2008-10-06 Defelice Party2011-10-07 Joseph Clark Retirement Party2010-08-15 Arianna Roy Christening2010-06-05 Theresa and Fred 60th Anniversary Party2009-12-05 Monica and Michael's Baby Shower and Proposal2008-04-13 Victoria Christening2013-06-29 Centennial Celebration of Jewish Temple in Winthrop2014-10-19 Jace Roy ChristeningEF Thank You Event2016-01-30 Laura Baby Shower2016-04-02 Lori Bergeron Elks Installation2016-12-29 Joan's 70th Birthday Party2021-07-01 Juliet Mullen Birthday Celebration2021-04-12 Juliet Mullen Memorial2022-04-09 Caden's 2nd Birthday